Indoor motorbike cover for stradali


Indoor motorbike cover for road bikes with mirrors mounted on the fairing.

The bike covers are shipped within one working week after ordering exclusively by tracked mail at a cost of 10e. Please select the appropriate option when completing your order.

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Finally available!

Our beautiful indoor motorbike cover is strictly made in Italy and is made of high quality material: acrylic fabric on the outside and velvet on the inside, perfect to protect the bodywork and plastic parts, keeping them always shiny and protected from dust and light. Naturally, the fabrics used have a transpiring capacity that allows humidity to evaporate and are impenetrable from dust and pollution.

The motorbike cover is available exclusively in black at the exceptional price of49 euros. You will hardly find on the net a bike cover of the same quality, made in Italy and at such a price.

The logo on the sheets is that of the Motoclub 125 Stradali.

Motorbike covers are dispatched within one working week after ordering.


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