Aprilia 125 Enduro

1984/1986 - ETX 125Aprilia-ETX-125-84 (1)
The first ETX 125, marketed in 1984, featured the Rotax 126 engine without the RAVE exhaust valve and was the first mass-produced Aprilia to mount the engine produced by the Austrian company. A pre-series marketed at the end of 1984 was immediately followed by the final version marketed in January 1985. The definitive version [...]  
1985/1986 - TUAREG 125 FIRST SERIESAprilia-Tuareg-125-85
The new Tuareg 125 did not limit itself to introducing only "dakarian" superstructures and accessories, so much so that Aprilia introduced a new homologation on 1.4.1985 with the new type code ETX 125 PV with homologation code OM 51770. [...]  
1987/1989 - TUAREG WIND 125Brochure_Aprilia_Tuareg_Wind_88
Inspired by the Tuareg 350 Wind which was a great success, the Tuareg 125 (type code DF and homologation code 52236 OM) was presented and marketed in 1987.  
1984/1987 - TUAREG RALLY 125 FIRST SERIESAprilia Tuareg Rally 1985
In process
1989/1992 - TUAREG RALLY 125 SECOND SERIESAprilia Tuareg Rally 1989
The Tuareg Rally '89 is a completely new motorbike and represents the evolution of the previous Rally born in 1984. Unlike its ancestor, which was also available as a 250, the new Rally is only marketed as a 125. As for the previous Rally, the new enduro of Noale has a more specialized use compared to Tuareg Rally '89.  
1989/1994 - PEGASO 125Aprilia Pegaso 89_red
Named after the mythical horse with wings, the Pegaso inaugurated the new segment of multi-purpose motorbikes, also known as funbikes and now commonly called supermotards. To tell the truth, the real forerunner of funbikes is the 1987 Gilera Fastbike, which for the first time proposed the concept of a road bike with a [...] 
1990/1997 - RX 125
The new generation of RX 125 (Six Days) arrived in 1990, on a Tuareg Rally chassis from 1989 and named Model K in blue and lilac. The shapes are new and well cared for, angular but not too much, the plastics are painted and of excellent workmanship [...].