Service and maintenance booklets APRILIA 125

Finally, the owner's and workshop manuals (Rotax) for the Aprilia 125 stradali!

In the 125 Club Italia there are many members who over the years have accumulated various user and maintenance booklets. Now, since there are so many 125 enthusiasts of the 80's and 90's on the web, the members of the 125 Club Italia have decided to freely share the information contained in the user and maintenance booklets that, we are sure, will be of help to many enthusiasts.

 In publishing the owner's manuals, we believe that we are not infringing any copyrights, as the material posted is older than 20 years (copyrights no longer apply) and above all we trust that the various manufacturers, or anyone interested in the publication of this material, understand that the spirit of this initiative is to give support to fans of the 125 80s and 90s. A support that is repaid in terms of image. In fact, thanks to the fans, the image of the manufacturers and what their 125 models represented in the 80s and 90s will be handed down to posterity, hopefully forever.

So, if possible, help us! We are on your side.

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Below are the user, maintenance and workshop manuals for Aprilia 125 stradali downloadable in PDF format:

84_STX 125

85_ASR 125

87_ AF1 125 Project 108

88_ AF1 125 Summary

89 AF1 Summary

90_AF1 125 Sintesi Sport

90_AF1 125 Futura

91_ AF1 125_Futura Replica

92_ AF1 Futura Sport Pro

92_93_RS 125 Extrema



Workshop manuals for Rotax 123 and 122 engines


Rotax_122_Officer's Manual

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