125 Club Italy - Supporting Member


The 125 Club Italia! The first club in Italy dedicated to 80s and 90s 125s!


Dear Friends,

On 10 March 2015 (note 1 2 5) in Milan, at the office of Notary Cortucci (proud owner in 1985 of a Gilera RX Arizona) seven friends founded the 125 Club Italia, which has the legal form of a non-recognised Cultural Association. A group of friends who had been collecting 125s since 2008 and were therefore among the first in Italy, when the 125s of the 80s and 90s were still little or not considered at all.

The 125 Club Italia coexists with the Motoclub 125 Stradali, while maintaining the two separate memberships. It is therefore possible to join only the Motoclub, or only the Club, or both!

While the Motoclub lives a life of its own and mainly deals with membership FMI, open to all motorbike lovers of any type and size, the 125 Club Italia has a more cultural purpose, aimed at carrying on the memory of the 125 bikes of the 80s and 90s. In particular, being a member of the 125 Club Italia means loving 125s and becoming part of a group of true enthusiasts who were the first in Italy to believe in the return of these fabulous motorbikes, which are now much loved again. 

Per conoscere di più del 125 Club Italia ed i suoi Soci, potete iscrivervi versando la quota annuale di 35 euro e quindi partecipare ai nostri raduni dedicati alle 125 anni 80 e 90. Riceverete subito in omaggio un bel gadget dedicato e l’invito a partecipare ai nostri raduni.

125 flashes!