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125stradali was born in 2007, with the aim of recounting the magic moment of the Italian 2T, which was undoubtedly the decade 1984-1994: in those years owning "the one hundred and twenty-five" was a status-symbol, a real national phenomenon that the new generations may never fully understand, but for those who have lived those years to the end, "the one hundred and twenty-five" will never forget.

As you may have noticed from the logo, 125stradali.com is mainly dedicated to the 125s produced by the four major manufacturers that strongly characterised those legendary years, namely Aprilia, Cagiva, Gilera and the very Italian Honda Italia of Atessa. Certainly other noble brands have left their mark, but the competition was so fierce and the necessary investments so important that many did not see the dawn of the 90s. In any case, there is a section that rightly remembers them too. 125stradali.com therefore deals mainly with the 125s of that period and therefore you will not find information on the depowered 125s produced from 1997 onwards, but you will find a nice section dedicated to the mythical 50cc bikes that were the appetizer of a wonderful world that, with consenting parents, could open up at 16 years of age, but for this reason they were no less desired. Aprilia and Malaguti were the preferred brands and their road and enduro models were perhaps among the most popular. 

Aware of the very important role played in professional national racing, we have a very complete section dedicated to the Italian Sport Production championship and the various single-make Trophies. Max Biaggi, Loris Capirossi, Valentino Rossi: do you guys remember where you started? 

In 2013, the first important step for our site, which with the Associazione Culturale 125 Club Italia gains its legal status. The purpose of the association is the development of this site and the pursuit of a very specific goal: to share for free on the net all the information concerning the magical world of 125 motorbikes of the 80s and 90s, with a 

In 2017, with a further important step, the Motoclub 125 Stradali ASD was founded, regularly registered with Co.Ni and affiliated to FMI and which allows you to obtain the FMI Member card with all the important advantages for all owners of vintage and other motorbikes.

In these years, we have grown a lot and we have organised dozens of rallies, which you will find in the 125 Events section where we ride our 80s and 90s 125s on the most beautiful roads in Italy. In the 125 Interesting Things section, you'll find a bit of everything, from interviews with the people who have materially been part of the 80's and 90's 125 world, to our road tests, owner's manuals, workshop manuals and many other interesting things.

The Motoclub is present on Facebook with a large group of over 4000 members and is particularly well managed, where the quality of posts is prioritised over quantity. Here you will also find our YouTube channel, updated with videos that, weather permitting, we upload from time to time.

Enjoy reading and to contact us please send an e-mail to: motoclub@125stradali.com

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