Honda 125 Stradali

Honda-NS-125-F-19851985 - NS 125 F
Presented at the Bologna Motorshow in December 1984 and marketed in April 1985, the NS 125 F was the first two-stroke 125 road bike designed and produced by Honda Italy at the Italian plant in Atessa. The question therefore arises: Italian or Japanese motorbike?  
Honda-NS-125-F-19861986 - NS 125 F '86
The '86 NS-F differs from its predecessor only in a new colour scheme which, although not a true replica, echoes the Rothmans colour scheme seen on official race cars. Without a doubt this is a very successful and perhaps the most popular colour scheme. At the level of chassis, engine and equipment of the [...]  
Honda-NS-125-F-19871987 - NS 125 F '87
In 1987, all NS production underwent minor updates [...].  
Honda-NS-125-R1987 - NS 125 R/RII
Introduced in January 1987 and marketed soon after, the NS-R was the fairing version of the NS-F presented two years earlier, with which it shared chassis and engine. With the NS-R, Honda Italia aimed to update the F series, making it acceptable to those who wanted a fully fairing motorbike, without having to worry about the [...]  
Honda-NSR-125-FJ1988 - NSR 125 FJ (JC20)
Presented at the Milan Motor Show in November 1987 and marketed from May 1988, the NSR-F (manufacturer's code JC 20) was a milestone in the 125cc market stradali and not only for the technical contents offered, but above all for the originality of the lines and the general setting decidedly against the current. In total countertrend, the NSR-F [...]  
Honda-NSR-125-F-19891989 - NSR 125 FK (JC20)
The NSR-FK has two new colours compared to the '88 model: an elegant white/red with red seat and white rims and a sober white/blue with fuchsia seat and rims. There are no particular changes in the chassis and engine compared to the previous version. Replaced by the carenata R version, in '89 the FK didn't take part in the championship [...].  
Honda-NSR-125-F-19901990 - NSR 125 FL (JC20)
Introduced in February 1990 and marketed from May onwards, the NSR-FL, better known as F II, is an update of the previous F-series presented two years earlier. Due to the huge sales success of the NSR series, Honda did not present a completely new model, but rather an update aimed at some details such as the wheels, [...]  
Honda-NSR-FM-red_black1991 - NSR 125 FM (JC20)
The NSR-FM has only new colours compared to what was seen on the previous FL. The available colours are black/turquoise with turquoise rims and saddle (a colour scheme very similar to the black/aquamarine green adopted on the previous '90 FL) and black/red with red saddle and rims. Compared to the previous version, the FL does not adopt any significant changes to [...].  
Honda-NSR-125-F-19921992 - NSR 125 FN (JC20)
The NSR-FN has only new colours compared to the previous FM. The available colours are white/purple with a purple seat and fuchsia rims (a colour scheme similar to that already seen on the 1989 FK) and blue/red with a blue seat and red rims. No other changes are reported, with the exception of a second sticker [...].  
Honda-NSR-125-R-19891989 - NSR 125 RK (JC20)
Presented at the Bologna Motorshow in November 1988 and marketed from February 1989, the NSR-RK joined the well-known NSR-F with which it shared chassis and engine. Although the R might seem to be a reversal of strategy compared to the naked F presented only a year earlier, Honda Italy presented the fairing version to complete its [...]  
ADV-Honda-NSR-R-901990 - NSR 125 RL (JC20)
Produced in 1990, the NSR-RL introduced the same design as the naked F II, namely new six-spoke Grimeca wheels and a thinner-profile front mudguard. Sold at a price of Lire 5,745,000, two new colours were adopted for the '90 model: white/blue/red with black saddle and red rims and white/aquamarine/blue with aquamarine rims. [...]  
Honda NSR-RM 911991 - NSR 125 RM (JC20)
The NSR-RM has only new colours compared to the previous RL. The colours adopted are black/aquamarine/purple with aquamarine seat and white rims (a similar colour scheme to the CBR 600F of that year) and aquamarine/white/blue with aquamarine rims. No other changes are reported.
Honda-NSR-125-R-19921992 - NSR 125 RN (JC20)
The NSR-RN is the last evolution of the JC 20 R-series before the introduction of the later NSR-R JC 22. Compared to the previous model RM of '91, the RN adopts only new colours that are clearly inspired by the fantastic CBR 900 RR presented that year, namely: black / gray with black seat and black wheels and white / blue / red with black [...]  
NSR-SP-911991 - NSR-R SP 91 (JC00)
Produced in 1991, the NSR-R SP 91 is a special version designed to race in the Sport Production '91 championship, where Honda had enjoyed much success in previous editions. On sale at the price of 6.648.000 liras and produced in only one showy livery that remembers the flag of the state of Ecuador, the SP 91 [...]  
Honda-NSR-SP1992 - NSR-R SP 92 (JC00)
Presented at the Milan Motor Show in November 1991, the SP 92 is the evolution of the valid SP 91 that obtained so much success in the 1991 season. Sold at the price of 6.780.000 liras and produced only in the beautiful Rothmans livery directly inspired to the official NSR 250 and 500 of Luca Cadalora and Mike Doohan, the SP 92 adopts the [...]  
Honda-NSR-F-Raiden1992 - NSR 125 F RAIDEN (JC22)
Unveiled at Mugello in May 1992 and marketed shortly afterwards, the new Honda Raiden - which means thunder and lightning in Japanese - is a new design, codenamed JC 22, replacing the best-selling NSR-F JC 20 after more than four years of a successful career. Just like its progenitor in 1988, the Raiden [...]  
Honda-NSR-R-Raiden1993 - NSR 125 RP (JC22)
Introduced at the end of 1992 and marketed in March 1993, the new NSR-R was equipped with a beautiful fairing reminiscent of the fabulous NR 750. Although commonly referred to as Raiden fairing or NSR-R Raiden, the last NSR produced is simply called NSR-R, codenamed JC 22, and thus replaces the previous one and replaces [...].  
Honda-NSR-125-Raiden-SP1993 - NSR 125 RP SP (JD00)
The NSR-R SP93 is offered for sale in time to participate in the 1993 Sport Production championship.
Like its progenitors SP91 and 92 type JC00, the SP93 has a specific model number JD00 with DGM 53504 which differentiates it from the normal NSR-R type JC22. It is difficult to say how many were produced. Probably no more than 3-400.[...]