Gilera 125 Enduro

Gilera-RX-1251984 - RX 125
Presented at the Milan Motor Show in November 1983 and marketed from March 1984, the RX 125 together with its road cousin the RV 125 was a turning point for the Arcore company which had concentrated its production on mopeds and motocross bikes since the second half of the 70s. With the presentation of the [...]


Gilera-RX-125-Arizona1984 - RX 125 ARIZONA
Presented shortly after the RX, the new RX Arizona inaugurates a new enduro category: the African bikes. A fashion inspired by the legendary Paris-Dakar that will also see Aprilia propose the ETX-based Tuareg and Cagiva the Elefant based on Aletta Rossa. The RX Arizona is therefore a bike very similar to the RX, from which [...]


Gilera-RTX-861986 - RTX 125
The RTX 125 picks up the baton from the 1984 RX, from which it differs by more than 70% of the components adopted, which have been redesigned or redesigned from scratch. Faithful to what we have seen in the past, the RTX is proposed in two colours: white with black saddle and black with red saddle. The changes compared to the previous RX [...]


Gilera-Arizona-Hawk1986 - ARIZONA HAWK 125
Presented and marketed in 1986, the Arizona Hawk is the evolution of the previous Arizona '85 and, like the latter, follows the updates adopted by the basic enduro model, i.e. the RTX also presented in 1986. The Hawk therefore adopts the same technical modifications introduced on the RTX and which contribute to making it a new motorbike for 70% compared to the previous model.


Gilera-ER-1251987 - ER 125
Presented on the Ferrari Fiorano track on 4 December 1986, the ER 125 is the evolution of the previous RX/RTX series, compared to which it adopts new superstructures and a new engine with exhaust valve. The ER is offered in two colours: white with red saddle and blue with red saddle. Price in '87: 3,905,000 lire (3,905,000 lire).


Gilera-RRT-Nebraska1987 - RRT 125 NEBRASKA
Presented on the Ferrari Fiorano track on 4 December 1986, the RRT Nebraska is the evolution of the previous RX Arizona Hawk from which it inherits the same "African" grand tourer layout. ER and RRT Nebraska thus replace the previous RTX and Arizona Hawk series. As already seen for the previous series, both motorbikes share almost [...]


Gilera-Fastbike-1251987 - FASTBIKE 125
Presented on the Ferrari Fiorano track on 4 December 1986, the Fastbike can be considered the first supermotard in the world, that is to say the category of motorbikes born in the early 90s under the name of funbike and then officially known as supermotard. No stranger to adventurous and revolutionary ideas, Gilera sees in the Fastbike the right [...]


Gilera-RC-Rally1987 - RC RALLY 125
Presented at the 1986 Bologna Motor Show, the Rally joined the ER, the RRT Nebraska and the Fastbike in the crowded '87 enduro production of the Arcore company. The Rally was born as a response to the most demanding customers who wanted a real enduro bike suitable for competition on dirt roads. It is therefore the most sporty enduro produced in [...]


Gilera XR1 125 881988/1989 - XR 1/XR2
Presented at the 1988 Bologna Motor Show, the XR1 marked an important novelty for Gilera, which presented a new enduro markedly in the "Paris-Dakar" style, just as the fashion of the moment wanted.
The price in 1988 was Lire 4,465,000 with a supplement of Lire 295,000 for the electric starter [...].


Gilera R1S (3)1988/1989 - R1/R1S
Presented at the Milan Motor Show in 1987 and marketed from January 1988, the R1 is the heir of the RC Rally presented only one year before. The R1 maintains the specialistic setting of the RC Rally, but differently from its progenitor, it adopts a more fashionable line that sees the adoption of a new fairing with double headlight that [...]


Gilera RC Top Rally '89 (3)1989 - RC Top Rally
Introduced in 1989, the Top Rally is the best that Gilera offers for competitive off-road racing. Equipped with a new engine directly taken from the sporty SP01 [...]


Gilera Freestyle 125 911991 - Freestyle
Introduced in 1991, the Freestyle can be considered the direct descendant of the Fastbike presented back in 1987 and discontinued shortly after [...].


GileraR125`931993 - R 125
Introduced in 1993, the R 125 is the last enduro produced by Gilera [...]